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Gen Fic Last Drabble Writer Standing

because everyone has a story

Gen HP Last Drabble Writer Competition
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A Last Drabble Writer Standing for HP Gen and Canon Lovers!

The Book of Three Rules:

Welcome to the genhp_ldws Community which, as you have probably guessed, is a 'Last Drabble Writer Standing' community originally based on the 'lims' ('Last Icon Maker Standing'), but instead of making icons, participants will submit drabbles. Rules and format are based on rwhg_ldws and are used with the permission of the lovely thesteppyone.

We decided to start this community not only because participating in the rwhg_ldws has been a lot of fun but because gen fic deserves a place to bring writers and readers together and to produce new fic in a fun and friendly way.

The community is run by pili204 and miss_daizy; header, banners and community icons are made by hermette (thank you!) and pili204. The art is by roby-boh at DevianArt and used with the artist's permission.

The Stuff You Absolutely, Positively Have To Know, No Kidding:

Gen Fic is a big umbrella and we're hoping that each week will provide a large variety of interpretations of the prompts. However, there are a few ground rules for what sort of drabble belongs here.

Canon compliant. Why? Because we like it that way and because with so many choice of things to write about there should be no problem coming up with original and interesting drabbles. You do not have to consider post DH interviews canon.

Your drabble can be rated anywhere from G to R. Please no NC-17. If you're uncertain as to whether or not your drabble goes over the line into NC-17, please err on the side of caution and tone it down.

If the prompt requires you to write about or include a "major" character, we mean any of the following:

Harry, Ron and Hermione. (Doh!)
Any of the Weasley clan
Neville Longbottom
Luna Lovegood
Severus Snape
Albus Dumbledore
Fleur Delacour Weasly
Viktor Krum
Minerva McGonnagal
Rubeus Hagrid
Remus Lupin
Sirius Black
Draco Malfoy
Nymphadora Tonks

Minor characters are everyone else.

Are mentions of romance utterly forbidden? Nope. There is coupling and uncoupling in the books and at times it plays a important part in the story. Molly and Arthur love each other. Two couples get married. Two life-long loves blossom throughout the story. But the main story you are telling should not be about a romance. Couples mentioned should be canon couples. Weekly prompts, however, may specify that your drabble must avoid any association with romance or romantic commitment. Be prepared to write a gen drabble each and every week.

Ex: Molly reflects on her courtship with Arthur and the trial and tribulations of raising a family while watching Ron and Hermione dance at Bill and Fleur's wedding. This is fine, unless otherwise specified by the prompt..

Ex: Molly watches Ron and Hermione get all hot and bothered dancing at Bill and Fleur's wedding before they sneak off into the bushes for a snog. This is Not Fine.

Again, if you aren't sure, err on the side of caution, please.

Ground rules and competition format:

1: If you are taking part in the challenge, please join the community. You do not need to join the community to vote for the drabbles.

2: If you are taking part in the challenge, you are not allowed to vote for your own drabble, which means;

3: There is no anonymous voting.

4: Drabbles should be between 100 and 500 words long unless otherwise stated in the Challenges.

5: You must vote for each drabble (unless you are a participant in the contest) or all your votes will be invalidated. If you do forget to vote for all of them, you can contact us to correct your error. We will make an effort to contact you if we spot a mistake in time. However, we can't make any guarantees re: corrections, so double check before submitting your votes, please.

5a. Writers must submit a vote for every submission but their own each week. This is a change from Round 1. You will not be disqualified solely for missing one round of voting - as with the skip, we are aware that life can interfere with internet time and do not want to "punish" authors for that. We strongly encourage you to contact us if you're unable to vote, however. Repeated non-voting will result in disqualification. Since not voting can affect the final outcome of the scores, we will be adjusting for it, on an as needed basis, to ensure that wins, losses and ties are fairly and evenly applied and resolved.

6: Voting will work on a scale system. Each drabble will be followed by a one-to-ten scale. When voting, please mark the drabble out of ten, ten being the highest mark and one being the lowest. You can give each drabble ANY mark you want. If you feel that two drabbles are worth being named 'your favourite' then you can give them the same mark. In the same way, if you think that none of the drabbles deserves to be outright last, then you don't have to label a drabble as your 'least favourite' and can give it the same mark as another.

7. Everyone gets a banner!

7a: The drabble with the most points wins and the writer of that drabble gets a lovely banner.

7b: The drabble with the least points loses and the writer of that drabble will be eliminated from the competition. But they also get a lovely banner.

7c: There will be a Mod's Choice winner every week and the writer gets a lovely banner too!

7d: Participation/Winners/Mod's Choice banners will be posted with the results.

8: Ties will be decided by highest/lowest median score rather than by most 10/most 1's.

9: Shenanigans are right out. This is a friendly competition and while there are winners and losers, any attempt to "stuff the ballot box" will be closely investigated by a crack team of bloodhounds and our internet lawyer, Hermione Granger. Also we will be sad and there will be some not so pleasant consequences.

10: Drabbles will remain anonymous - submitted as screened comments to the submission post - until the results of that week's challenge are posted. Please DO NOT post your drabble anywhere else until the results are revealed.

11: Participants may skip submitting a drabble one week and one week only as long as there are more than 6 contestants remaining. Muses fail, bosses make demands, kids act up, in-laws come for a visit; these things happen and your skip is to help you with that. Be careful, though, because you only have one skip. If you don't submit a drabble after using your skip, you will be eliminated from that round.

12. Please let us know if you are using your skip or dropping out of the competition and save us the confusion and stress of making sure we have all the drabbles that are to be posted that week.

13. If you have to drop out, it won't be held against you and you will be allowed to participate in further rounds. However, if you fail to submit your drabbles without any contact to the mods, you will be automatically disqualified and not allowed to participated in future rounds. Before you sign up remember that this competition will run for approximately 11 weeks, and is a commitment to write one drabble per week. If you think that's likely be a problem, why not wait for the next round and let someone else have a shot at participating?

14: Failure to comply with the rules is just rude, and therefore will more than likely result in disqualification from the competition. (See also Rule 9)

15: Kindness is right in. Remember, none of us are James Joyce. Flames, nastiness and other sorts of unpleasantness will not be tolerated. Period.

16: Please include the phrase "I forgot we'll be hunting down Voldemort in a mobile library." on the sign-up post, so we know you've read and understood the rules.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at genhpmods@gmail.com

Other important information:

* Challenges will be posted on Thursday.
* Entries are due Monday night at midnight EST.
Due to the nature of the competition, extensions on the deadline is impossible.
* Voting polls will be posted on Tuesday.
* Winners will be announced on Thursday.

We love our affiliates: bwfd_ldws, the_hp_love.

If you like to become one of our affiliates, contact us at genhpmpds@gmail.com

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